WhealthBot Freemium

Free access to selected features, including the advanced AI model, all longevity planning guides, life expectancy calculator, and the Decision-Making Fitness Check-Up.


$0.00 / year

  • Expert trained advanced AI model
  • 50+ Longevity planning guides
  • Clinically-based Decision-Making Fitness Check-Up
  • Life expectancy calculator

WhealthBot Pro

Yes! I want to have access to all of the features available from the only advanced AI-powered, clinically-based, personal longevity advisor. I want to feel more confident and in control of my future.

$29 per year

$29.00 / year

  • Expert trained advanced AI model
  • Health and personal finance problem solving algorithms
  • All behavioral assessments
  • All longevity calculators
  • All planning guides, checklists, sample documents, and infographics
  • Family conversation scripts and tips

WhealthBot Institutional

Requires access code. Don’t have a code? Tell your employer, financial advisor, or healthcare provider about WhealthBot and how it can improve the longevity wellness of employees, clients, or patients.

FREE with valid access code

$29.00 / year

    All WhealthBot Pro features plus optional...

  • Customized AI model trained using company educational and marketing materials
  • Integration of company-provided content into educational library
  • Application white-labeling
  • Employee/client training programs