Personalized longevity advice - at your fingertips.

WhealthBot's generative AI model analyzes your needs and preferences and generates longevity recommendations and plans that are uniquely yours.

Powered by advanced AI.

Informed by experts in financial planning, behavioral health, and longevity.

Experience the power of AI sophistication, dedicated to helping you secure a financially healthy longevity.

Feel more confident, empowered, and in control of your future.

AI is revolutionizing the way we plan for longevity. Unlock the potential of tomorrow's technology today.


Whealthbot is your personal advanced AI longevity advisor. Powered by a generative AI model trained using proprietary content authored by experts in longevity, financial planning, and behavioral health. WhealthBot helps you feel more confident about your personal finances and retirement plans... and improves the safety and quality of your decision-making. Preparing for longevity is hard. But not being prepared for the "bad stuff" that can happen later in life is even harder.

Try it now! Just ask me a question like "How should I organize my finances to prepare for a long life?"

WhealthBot helps individuals and families to more succcessfully:

Organize and manage personal and family finances, including retirement plans

Draft important health- and finance-related estate planning documents

Prepare for and execute caregiving responsibilities, including the coordination of financial caretaking duties

Manage living and driving transitions

Prepare for and respond to health events, including cognitive decline

Have better family conversations around health, money, and dementia

Assess financial literacy levels and evaluate decision-making capacity

Prevent financial fraud and exploitation

Insights and recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances

OpenAI GPT model trained with recommendations, insights, and research from leading health, finance, and longevity experts

Conversation-style interface makes it easy to get the advice you need quickly

Longevity calculators estimate inputs to planning efforts including life expectancy and number of years you may need long-term care

Health and personal finance problem solving algorithms help you to determine what to do next

Conversation tips and scripts across a broad array of topics that facilitate "difficult" family discussions

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Digital library of expert-informed content provides guidance across a wide range of longevity topics

WhealthBot educates your stakeholders on the importance of longevity planning.

And shows them you are dedicated to their financial and retirement security.

Financial and healthcare professionals, retirement services providers, and employers...

Empower clients, patients, plan participants, and employees to achieve longevity wellness.

Enterprises can purchase volume licenses for unlimited distribution with options for customization.

Including generative AI model training using company materials, integration of company content into planning library, white-labeling, and employee/client training.

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