Whealthbot is your personal longevity planning assistant. Powered by algorithms developed by experts in longevity, financial planning, and psychiatry. I can help you feel more confident about your personal finances and retirement plans... and improve the safety and quality of your decision-making. Preparing for longevity is hard. But not being prepared for the "bad stuff" that can happen later in life is even harder.
Feel more confident, empowered, and in control of your future.

WhealthBot helps you actively plan for a long and financially healthy life.

Preparing for longevity is hard. Not being prepared is even harder.

Special Free Feature

Long-Term Care Years Calculator

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Free Content Highlight

The Family Conversation Guide

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Conversation-Style Interface

Conversation-style user interface makes it easy and intuitive to get the help you need quickly

Personalized Recommendations

Rules-based and learning algorithms deliver highly personalized longevity planning advice

Clinically-Based Asessments

Clinically-based behavioral and risk assessments identify threats to sound financial and health care decision-making

Longevity Calculators

Calculators that help you estimate important inputs to your longevity planning forecast

Family Conversation Support

Conversation tips and scripts that make "difficult" conversations easier and more successful

Expert-Informed Content

Large library of expert-informed content provides guidance across a wide range of longevity planning topics
Financial Institutions, Health Care Providers, And Other Employers

Empower your clients, patients, and employees to achieve longevity wellness. WhealthBot educates your stakeholders on the importance of longevity planning and shows them you are dedicated to their long-term financial security. Enterprises can purchase volume licenses for unlimited distribution, and whitelabeling is available.

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