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You are never too old - or too young - to actively prepare for a long and financially healthy life

Coming Soon! WhealthBot

Your personal assistant for longevity planning

WhealthBot is an innovative chatbot that employs conversation-style functionality to direct and advise individuals and families on how to proactively prepare for health- and longevity-related risks to their financial security.

Chat-style interface makes it easy and intuitive to get the help you need quickly
Rules-based algorithms deliver highly personalized longevity planning advice
Clinically-based behavioral assessments identify risks to your financial and health care decision-making
Large library of expert-informed content provides broad guidance across many areas of longevity planning
Conversation tips and scripts that make "difficult" conversations easier and more successful
Financial Institutions, Health Care Providers, And Other Employers

Empower your clients, patients, and employees to achieve longevity wellness. WhealthBot is an excellent way to educate your stakeholders on the importance of longevity planning and show them you are dedicated to their long-term financial health and security. Enterprises can purchase volume WhealthBot licenses for unlimited distribution, and whitelabeling is available.

Our capabilities have been developed in collaboration with experts in financial planning and psychiatry including Tony Weiner, MD, Director, Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Edward "Ned" Hallowell, MD, psychiatrist and New York Times bestselling author, and Chris Heye, PhD, longevity planning expert and regular contributor to the Journal of Financial Planning. Our financial decision-making capacity assessment is grounded in a clinical study conducted at MGH.

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